Increasing growth through improved customer acquisition, activation and retention.

A great product sells itself, as the saying goes. At Desifer we believe in Product-led Growth, as we know that great products are the foundation for sustainable businesses. The most important growth work is continuously listening to and analyzing your customers, and experimenting to build as great a product as possible. Though a great product might sell itself, a great product plus some well executed growth marketing activities will sell itself even better.

A structured model for Growth


To grow, you need to reach new potential customers, get their attention, and get them to visit your site or anywhere else you have the possibility of nurturing them to move them closer to becoming customers. This step is about creating content that captures attention immediately.


This is about getting enough information on the visitor so that you can continue nurturing the relationship. The goal is to move a visitor toward becoming a prospect. This goal is mainly achieved through adjusted content delivered at the right time in the right place.


Conversions can happen at any stage of a customer journey (micro conversions), but here it is meant as the conversion of a potential customer to a paying customer or a user of a free service. This can be done by, for example, triggered email sequences, “tripwires” limited offers, showing benefits, offering several payment options, and so on.


When the customer has bought the product or service, the focus will shift to making the customer happy with his or her decision. Onboarding to make the customer use the product, good customer experience to make the customer return, and in the end so pleased that he or she is willing to share a recommendation with his or her network and friends is the goal.

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Growth work contains many activities with different purposes, and we believe using a clear model for this makes it easier to structure the work and know that you are working on the right thing at the right time. At Desifer we use the ABCD model for Growth, because it works well for many different kinds of businesses and includes key aspects like customer insight and product management which are left out in many other models.

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