Product-led growth is useful both when building and growing ventures

Growth hacking is a method of using hypothesis and experiments to quickly learn and improve. At Desifer we believe in thinking about growth & growth loops already early on when building new ventures. And utilising growth methods and hacks to quickly verify hypotheses is valuable regardless of lifecycle stage of a business.



Gaining insight of your users and target group is key to be able to create a delightful experience that converts. In here you need to look at both your own data as well as doing keyword research, competitor analysis, customer journey mapping, etc.


Using technology to improve the core product, building a new integration or building a separate tool could result in massive growth. Or you can unlock growth rethinking your business model.


To grow, you need to reach new potential customers, get their attention, and get them to visit your site or anywhere else you have the possibility of nurturing them to move them closer to becoming customers. This step is about putting converting content in front of the target audience.


The goal here is to nurture a visitor toward becoming a prospect. In order to do this we first need sufficient knowledge about them and their current stage. Then we can put relevant content in front of them through retargeting or email automation.


Conversions can happen at any stage of a customer journey (micro conversions), but here it is meant as the conversion of a potential customer to a paying customer or a user of a free service. This can be done by, for example, triggered email sequences, “tripwires” limited offers, showing benefits, offering several payment options, and so on.


When the customer has bought the product or service, the focus will shift to making the customer happy with his or her decision. E.g. through a delightful onboarding experience to help the user get out the value they came for. With the goal to make them so pleased that they will be a happy returning user/customer and hopefully also help in bringing in new customers through ratings, recommendations or sharing with their network.

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Growth work contains many activities with different purposes, and we believe using a clear model for this makes it easier to structure the work and know that you are working on the right thing at the right time. At Desifer we use the ABCD model for Growth, because it works well for many different kinds of businesses and includes key aspects like customer insight and product management which are left out in many other models.

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