Venture Building

Shaping the future of digital business, one venture at a time

Building new business ventures based on your company’s existing assets is the best bet for ensuring long term relevance and sustainability.

We help you create new ventures and get them validated and up and running at speed.

Our Venture Building process: from idea to scaling in four stages

We divide our venture building process into 4 main stages. In each phase focus in on proving a main assumption. At the end of each stage is a checkpoint where the venture board decides whether the proof holds, and the venture will receive funding for the next phase.

1. Discover

Validated problem, solution and value proposition

2. Pilot

Demand validated with an initial product (MVP)

3. Launch

Validated business model and operation

4. Scale

Growing and scaling – adding revenue at a higher rate than cost

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New Corporate Ventures: Six Success Factors

Are you looking to setting up a new corporate venture, to build a new business initiative or a new product?

Running a successful venture from discovery to pre-scaling is an art that requires being constantly responsive to external changes and new insights. However, in our experience there are six factors, all described in this report, that are critical to success.

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How can we help you build new digital business?

Do you have an idea to validate? Do you want to know more about how to set up a venture building approach? No matter where you are on your journey of digital venturing we’re happy to help. Get in touch and we’ll figure out how!

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