How to work with Growth as a B2C app

Who is it for?

This is of course most relevant for you who are working with a B2C application. But many of the principles and examples are highly relevant and useful also for SaaS and other scalable businesses.
Since growth is spanning across multiple business areas this presentation could be of interest for anyone working in a growth team. Especially relevant if you are in Marketing or Product.

This presentation was used in a webinar and is best consumed with Kalle Söderman presenting it. If there’s anything in the presentation you are curious to know more about then just reach out to Kalle


  • Introduction about growth, growth teams, north star metric, the growth process
  • Customer insight (know more about your future users)
  • Acquire (how to attract new users)
  • Boost (lead magnets and nurturing sequences)
  • Convert (CRO)
  • Delight (onboard new users and delight your customers)
  • Enhance your product