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What we do

Venture Building

Eager to build a new business venture? Great! It’s how you future-proof your business. We’ll help you every step of the way. From creating and refining the first idea, to prototyping, building, launching, running, and growing your new digital venture.

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Digital Product Innovation

We‘ve built lots of digital products and want to partner up with you to run ideation, design, product strategy, prototyping, technical architecture, and build a full-scale solution.

Think like a startup. Impact like a corporation.

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Growth equals impact. Whether you call it growth marketing, growth hacking, or engineered marketing, it’s about increasing growth through improved customer acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue. We know how to take you there.

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How we work

Corporations + Startups

Corporations like yours have all the assets needed to create sustainable advantages and with that, the business of tomorrow. All you need is a strong partner to take action together with you.

Entrepreneurial skills and an explorative startup mindset are the foundation for identifying problems that matter, quickly finding solutions, and creating new business.

Data + Experimentation

We love data and you’ll love it too. Quantitative and qualitative data should be the foundation for decisions and spark new ideas.

We drive experimentation to quickly test ideas and rule what isn’t feasible. This puts you on the right path towards desired outcomes and growth. Data and experimentation trump opinion and speculation.

Analytical + Creative

Many perspectives and skillsets are needed to achieve successful business outcomes. We have the experience and people to make sure you cover all bases.

Together, we’ll find the balance between analytical and creative methods to realize your ideas and take your ventures to the next level. Because that’s what we’re all about: showing you what’s possible.

Risk + Impact

We don’t just tell you what to do. We have skin in the game.

As co-creators, we share risk and are equals in bringing in tools, people, and spirit to help you solve not just your current problems and challenges, but also answer all your what ifs when it comes to what’s possible in your business’ future. We are here for true impact.

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New Corporate Ventures: Six Success Factors

Are you looking to setting up a new corporate venture, to build a new business initiative or a new product?

Running a successful venture from discovery to pre-scaling is an art that requires being constantly responsive to external changes and new insights. However, in our experience there are six factors, all described in this report, that are critical to success.

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How can we help you build new digital business?

Do you have an idea to validate? Do you want to know more about how to set up a venture building approach? No matter where you are on your journey of digital venturing we’re happy to help. Get in touch and we’ll figure out how!

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Contact us if you have any questions. Our Venture Lead Joel Sunnehall will be happy to help!

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