Think like a startup, impact like a corporation

We are corporate venture builders that combine professional services, entrepreneurial talent from our network of startups, and proven methodologies with the assets and expertise of corporations to drive impact and future revenue. Utilizing both your strengths as an established company and the advantages of working like a startup, we considerably increase your likelihood of success.

How Desifer can help you accelerate growth

Envision + launch new products

Develop and scale your next digital product or venture with our support. Using proven processes and methodologies, we simplify decision-making and help you achieve results faster. Together, we ensure that your business ideas are validated, conceptualized, and implemented efficiently.

Strengthen your existing teams

Add key resources to your existing venture or product team to strengthen your performance. We are that missing member to your team – be it business, design or tech – or we help you build a cross-functional team. We make sure your team moves quickly and uses resources efficiently in developing digital products or ventures.

Create your own venture studio

Create a venture studio within your organization where you can continuously explore and launch new digital products and ventures. We help you establish the strategy, governance, and processes, as well as equip your team members with the necessary skills to exploit new growth opportunities.

Partner with external startups

Find a model for discovering and connecting with the most promising startups to foster innovation and grow beyond your core business. Using our network of startups, we help you scout potential partners and advise you on how to work together effectively. Solving complex problems requires collaboration.

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“42% of startups or ventures fail because there is no market need for the product”

Are you tired of guessing whether your venture is on the right track?

Our new venture diagnostic can help you identify areas for improvement and increase your chances of building a successful venture.

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How can we help you build new digital business?

Do you have an idea to validate? Do you want to know more about how to set up a venture building approach? No matter where you are on your journey of digital venturing we’re happy to help. Get in touch and we’ll figure out how!

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