LinkedIn Handbook

Who is it for?

We have all heard that in order to attract attention to your LinkedIn posts you need to create great content that gives tons and tons of value, and that claim definitely has some merit to it.

But have you ever felt like no matter how much value you give, you’re still not getting the attention you deserve on your LinkedIn posts?
Then maybe you’re the latest victim of the dreaded LinkedIn algorithm.

This begs the question “what are the metrics that I should know about for my posts to perform the best according to LinkedIns algorithm?”


  • How LinkedIn scores your content.
  • The best day/time to post.
  • Is it better to get comments, likes or shares?
  • Should you post documents, video or images?
  • The best practices.
  • How hashtags, tags and external links works and how to avoid the pitfalls.
  • Lastly, the difference between LinkedIn for personal vs company pages.