New Corporate Ventures: Six Success Factors

Who is it for?

Are you looking to setting up a new corporate venture, to build a new business initiative or a new product?

Running a successful venture from discovery to pre-scaling is an art that requires being constantly responsive to external changes and new insights. However, in our experience there are six factors, all described in this report, that are critical to success.


  • Selecting the right venture model for you: Business Unit, skunkworks, or corporate startups.
  • Tapping the power of the startups: Entrepreneurial skills, mindset, and methods.
  • Protecting the new venture’s independence: So that you can actually benefit from the power of startups.
  • Using corporate assets for acceleration: De-risking, access to capital, and expertise.
  • Leveraging brand trust to create partnerships: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor is brand equity.
  • Designing the right KPI framework: You can’t manage what you don’t measure and measuring a venture is an entirely different thing from an established business.